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£52,500 raised so far!
£150,000 target
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We're committed to improving the lives of our customers, invest in us now and you can help us and share in our success!
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the future of lifestyle money
flex gives 10 million people flexible solutions for real life problems
Solutions not bank accounts
We provide solutions to the genuine day-to-day problems that normal people face. Other banks just want their money.
Solutions drive profits
We profit from success, not sales. Income from referrals means solutions benefit us and the customer.
Investment that gives back
We help customers and grow with them, which means your investment grows too.
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flex is doing money better

Out With The Old

Banks provide accounts. A place to store money. It's about interest rates, penalties, and applications..

Your money, their rules - and their profits!

In With Flex

We provide a world-class banking experience - to everyone - because we don't make money from your money!

You set goals and we profit from your success!

Profit For Purpose

We are a business with global ambitions and entirely focused on increasing profits to grow and expand.

Luckily for us, we make profits by helping people!

Don't Miss Out!

Flex is not an idea, a dream or something that might happen! It's real and we're ready to rock.

We are raising £150k to staff up and unleash lifestyle banking on the world. We have a clear path to profitability, and there may not be another opportunity to invest.
why we're raising money

Product Launch

We are ready to launch this year. We need £150k to complete the integration with our banking services partner and make sure everything is ready to scale.

People and Runway

We're investing in the people and infrastructure to scale aggressively and take the world by storm. Your investment sets the stage for future expansion into Europe and Africa.
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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth £150k!
Invest as little as £5,000 to secure your place in the future of lifestyle banking!

Life is better when we flex together!

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